Mindset Strategies for Business Owners (Step Four)

Step Four:  Strategies to Kick-Start Your New Beginning

Since this webinar is all about mindset, we’ve focused on our inner workings and emotions – something that’s often overlooked in business, because the latter is all about business; not the soul.

And that’s all very well and good.  But when you integrate real emotional and self-actualization with real action, that’s when you have change that sticks and galvanized.

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In other words, you have a new mindset.

Let’s recap somewhat and look at the actions you have to take to make your business step up to the next level.

First, we need to identify…

Seven habits to throw out completely.

And these would be…

  1. Doing things by the seat of your pants, reactively
  2. Feeling pressured to do too many tasks and learn too much information at once
  3. Indulging in negative self-talk
  4. Procrastinating (yes! Even by doing other tasks. If you’re not doing the task you need to do right now, you’re procrastinating.)
  5. Not keeping the end goal in mind. (In fact, not really having a specific, attainable end goal.)
  6. Not taking daily steps to move towards your goal
  7. Not having interim, short-term goals as benchmarks and progress markers

Next, we need to make sure we do take certain actions:

  1. Find an ultimate goal you can be passionate about. It doesn’t matter if it feels unattainable right now:  The secret is to make your way towards it with tunnel vision – one step at a time.  When you’re ten steps through the process, you’ll start to feel different on the topic of whether or not you can reach your goal.  Guaranteed!
  2. Start planning for success. Most of us plan on how to keep doing the same things we’re doing, which keeps us spinning our wheels.  If you start visualizing reaching your goal, and really focus on it, you’ll soon start spontaneously visualizing all the steps you need to put in place to reach it.  These will shrink in size and become simply tasks you need to do (or have someone else do); rather than sheer cliff faces.
  3. Surround yourself with people who live that success and are aligned with your goals. If you want to escape swimming in a sea of minnows, head out to the ocean and find the bigger fish.

This doesn’t mean trying to be Besties with Oprah Winfrey.  It means keep tabs on what the big fish do, read the same books they read, listen to their conversations, analyze their habits.  Pick who you like; and identify what traits or values make you like or identify with them.

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And most of all, cut out people who drag you back down to the mud – those who reinforce your anxieties, belittle you, aren’t in harmony with your values.

  1. Plan a complete system. That doesn’t just include creating a product or service packages – it includes fool-proofing and setting up a system that follows the client out your door at the end of her client life cycle.

You need to analyze, when it comes to your business:

  • What you are especially good at doing. What you can do quickly and effortlessly.  And what you most enjoy doing.  (Your real specialty)
  • Which tasks are not billable (i.e. you don’t make money directly by doing them. Bookkeeping would be a good example:  While spending five hours catching up on your accounts does result indirectly in money coming in, it doesn’t immediately generate cash, the way designing that new client website would do.)
  • Which tasks you should outsource (the ones that are not billable, take up too much time or frustrate you)
  • Which tasks you can afford to outsource right now – and which to plan for when your profits increase
  • What systems you need to put in place to forestall client frustration, increase client satisfaction – and make your process seamless
  • What edge you can give your business that your competitors lack

But you already know these strategies – you know you do.  Pick your one self-limiting belief you want to change and make it a priority.  Visualize two goals – one immediate (such as writing a product for your website sign up incentive) – and a long-term, specific goal.  Make a vision board, if you like, and put photos and clippings and quotes on it to keep reminding yourself you’re on a journey – and to keep inspired.

Taking Strategies to Kick-start your New Beginning to the Next Level

But don’t just think about it, get all fired up today, and forget it.

Write out that goal.  Make sure your goal has identifiable, separate components:  Physical, financial, motivational, personal and spiritual.

An example would be:

  • “Five years from now I want to own my house outright – no more mortgage. (Physical) 
  • “I want to be making over $160,000 a year. (Financial)
  • “I want to be speaking all over the country at workshops, conferences and seminars, while my team takes care of the day-to-day tasks. (Motivational)
  • “I want to work four days a week – but those days can be twelve hour days. The other days, I want to take completely off.  (Personal)
  • “I want to find balance and harmony in all elements of my life, donate ten per cent of my earnings to charity, maintain a strong connection with God and be fearless in keeping myself internally honest and loving. (Spiritual)


If you sit down and plan your business, or tweak your existing plan to fill in the gaps – and most importantly, jettison the dead wood – plus decide you are going to change your one, most sabotaging, self-limiting belief today – PLUS find one goal, no matter how big or small at this point, that you can be passionate about and take steps to follow through on – your mindset is not only going to change:  There’s going to be no stopping your train from now on.

And instead of visualizing “one day” climbing Mount Everest, you’re going to be asking yourself, before you know it:  “What mountain do I need to climb next?  Do I even need to climb another mountain, or is there something more challenging (or relaxing) I could be doing?”

And the most surprising side effect will be the energy that succeeding generates.  This is what transforms people who can barely keep up with their businesses, let alone social lives and hobbies, into human dynamos who touch the lives of many people and bring light into dark places.

Finally, you may be feeling tired at the very thought of all this transformation – but if you approach it from the foundations we’ve laid out, it won’t be too long till the process doesn’t feel like work.

Sure, you’ll have adventures along the way; and not all of them will be fun.  But you’ve changed your mindset – you’ll meet them and transform them into opportunities.  With genuine sincerity and a positive focus.

Whatever your ultimate goal – even if it’s to retire in three years because you’re seventy two years old now and all you’re longing for is time to knit and garden – you’ll get there in a focused way, on your time table, using your system, and building your self-esteem with every milestone accomplished and every small success.

Isn’t that worth changing your mindset to achieve?



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